Karma and the bird

June 4, 2014

The other day in the car my 10 year old son asked me what Karma was.
I explained it for a good 10 minutes, describing its origins in Eastern religions and the correlating concepts in the Bible – like reaping what you sow – careful, of course, to point out that justice flows from a personal, holy, and loving God.

He listened well – better than usual.

We arrived at our destination. As we got out of the car we both noticed a dead bird laying on the ground. My son looked at me, winked, and said, “Karma”.

3D Comeback

May 10, 2014

8 year old: “With these 3-D glasses your shirt looks weird!”

17 year old: “In those 3-D glasses you look weird.”

Some New Moves

April 24, 2014

I tried to encourage my 8 year old to fall in love with Basketball.  He’s tall for his age, coordinated and strong – I think he’d be great at it!  His older brother piped in, “Yeah – you could be as good as Lebron James!”

He thought for a moment, and then asked, “Is it legal to do flips in Basketball?”

I guess there’s always the half-time show.

Difficulty exiling.

April 7, 2014

“I can’t exile.”, said my 10 year old.
“What?”, we asked collectively.
“Every time I exile I hiccup.”
“‘Exile’ means that you’re banished to an island or kicked out if a country or something.”, I said, “I think you mean ‘exhale’.”
“Ok. Then I can’t exhale.”

Dream big

March 31, 2014

The other day my 8 year old said that his big dream was to get a really big round head when he grew up.

Do space heaters work in April?

March 28, 2014

I hope so.  I need the one I’ve got one in my office.

One thousand dollars and fifty cents

March 26, 2014

My 8 year old said that he and his 10 year old brother were going to start a business selling lemonade and cookies and earn “one thousand dollars and fifty cents”.

“One thousand dollars and fifty cents?”, I asked.

“Yep, one thousand dollars and fifty cents.”

“What are you going to buy with one thousand dollars and fifty cents that you can’t buy with one thousand dollars?”, I asked.

“Probably a car.”

Diamonds are in the Bible, right?

March 25, 2014

My 8 year old told me what he is going to name all of his children some day.

Jonah, Micah, Ruth, Peter, and Diamond.

Gumming up the works

March 22, 2014

Stopped at the gas station with the boys to get pop and gum for each.  10 minutes later, we got home, and I reminded the 8 year old to not eat all of the gum at once.

“I won’t”, he answered cheerfully, “I’ve still got half.”

Half of the pack, that is.  Sigh.

Hardest part of going to the Y

March 21, 2014

Walking out without looking as dead as you feel.